Así es la vida... (historias sobre grulla y lentisco)

¿Os acordeis de Aino la grulla finlandesa, un pedazo de viajera? Hace poco mire la web de la universidad de Turku. Y se anunciaba que había muerto, presa por parte de un Aguíla real. Adjunto el texto de la página; Aprovecho para informaros que la migración de grullas empezo a inicios de este mes. ¡Preparémonos para la nueva temporada!

The loop migratory crane Aino is dead (
Aino the crane arrived to her breeding grounds on May 2nd 2009 and used to forage on a nearby turnip field during early May. She was discovered by Matti Tolvanen in the field in late May when she appeared to be well and paired with a male crane. In mid June she headed 5 km east to the border district between Finland and Russia and stayed there for six weeks. On August 4th 2009 the crane had returned to the nesting bog, but ten days later the satellite data strongly suggested that the crane had perished. This was verified when Matti Tolvanen found the carcass of Aino on August 24th 2009 FIGS 1&2. According to the remainders, a Golden Eagle had killed and eaten the crane, and only the skeleton and feathers were left. Aino had just completed a postnuptial molt and eaten bilberries for the last meal.
As a result of this tragic event we will not be able to monitor Aino’s migration any longer: it would have been so interesting to see whether she had carried out the migration loop flight again. On the other hand, Aino’s death in the claws of an eagle was natural and an honorable one compared to the deaths of many conspecifics that hit electric wires and with their legs and wings injured wait for the death even many days.

También el lentisco centenario monumental que habiamos visto hace dos años en un vivero de Ecija no soportó su trasplante y murio.